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A huge unattended change happened on the wide Web in the last few days: Twitter will be rebranded as X!
No more iconic blue bird, no more quirky name, just X. Welcome to X.

Having registered my account on Twi... err, X more than 13 years ago (wait? I'm getting old!) and using it since almost forever I feel nostalgic by that cute bird logo where I met so many friendly people over the years and the only social network site I still use daily. Oh and that oh-so Web 2.0 quirky Twitter brand name!

Aaah does anyone remember when we were able to customize our accounts page with your own custom background image? Or picking your favorite color instead of default blue for your profile page?
Or the infamous —but charming— illustration of birds lifting a whale appearing when the site was overloaded or unavailable (which happened a lot in the older days!)?
Or the myriad of third-party apps available on both desktop and mobile platforms a decade ago?
Or did you know that the lesser-known official name of the Twitter bird mascot was Larry?

I think the new rebranding feel soulless and let's be honest, non very welcoming.
What will be new term for a "tweet" or a "retweet", two words that are now part of everyday idiom and used even in formal communications? X-ing? Xeet? Crossing? eXit? Why killing such a well-known branding?

Bye bye cute little tweeting blue bird, we will miss you so much. ♥

Long time no see! Oh the critters ran out of acorns and left their long hibernation!
On a more serious note the last few years had lots of challenges affecting everyone around the world, disrupting our daily lives and having left a strong lasting emotional impact for many of us.
I would admit that some particular circumstances required me to take a hiatus after a long time going on and off, hence the lack of news and very sporadic updates. My apologies if I missed anything.

Anyway as for now I’m thinking about cleaning the dust here and there as I feel quite a bit rusty.
In mind some ideas for another fun free downloadable icon set? It is somehow saddening to see that desktop customization feel almost dead these days compared to a decade ago even despite the potential with those modern trendy design languages...

Meanwhile I hope to see you more again very soon. Take care, bee happy and get some acorns!

If you are using a Mac computer, maybe you haven't missed the news about Apple's upcoming operating system, macOS Big Sur.

Heavily redesigned and inspired by iOS, the overall visual aspect doesn't leave indifferent whenever we love it or not so much depending on the parts you take a deeper look at.

And about the icons, new design means time for design new custom icons from many creative designers from around the world as the previous style doesn't fit with the shiny new rounded square ones!

Having worked around the new theme we have made a set of 20 icons featuring critters faces.

A total animal invasion ready to invade your Dock at the price of more happiness and cuteness!

Find 'em in our Downloads area for Mac and Windows. Go go critterama!