Made with love and acorns

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Yes, the critters warehouse is again fully stocked with acorns! In fact some particular circumstances last year prevented me to be available hence my long sudden disappearance and lack of news, huge sorry to anyone for any annoyances caused. At least the situation is now fixed, me and the critters are back to our warehouse. ^___^

On a positive note, I contributed again to the latest #2Cute2Fail Pictoplasma project this year.
Cuteness-focused project? Let me sign here!

On this, best wishes for this New Year (I know, I'm late but it's still 2020) and let's spread together more cuteness in our world!

Tada! After several weeks of hard working our best web developers critters has crafted a completely refreshed website. Yay!

Almost three years after the original website was launched we thought it was time for a big coat of paint on the site (especially that the old one ended up to be really hard to maintain due to messy code all over the place that even a squirrel couldn’t find any acorns!). Featuring more whimsiness, cuteness, acorns-ness, pinecones-ness... and not to mention that the contents is now optimized for HiDPI/Retina displays!

Otherwise as this was a good opportunity we needed to take the hard decision to clean up a bit our portfolio

(you can find most of our personal illustrations and characters goodness on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr if you aren’t a social media person) and our downloads. About the latter if you really miss a particular wallpaper don’t hesitate to contact me!

Have fun and feel free to peruse around the new critters warehouse, there are hot cocoas and acorns pies! ♥