Yes, the critters warehouse is again fully stocked with acorns!
In fact some particular circumstances last year prevented us to be available hence our long absence and lack of news.
At least the situation is now fixed, me and the critters are back to our warehouse.

On a positive note, we brought some acorns... no, not acorns this time! More seriously we contributed again to the latest #2Cute2Fail Pictoplasma project this year.

Cuteness-focused project? Let me sign here!

If you are reading this, then welcome to our new critters warehouse!

Working hard since several months, our best web developers critters has crafted a new site designed to be more playful, whimsy and featuring more acorns!

Don’t hesitate to explore around the new critters warehouse featuring fresh paint! ♥

Our little contribution for the Pictoplasma Character Selfies Portrait Project.

Initiated by Pictoplasma in 2014, the theme of this exhibition was based around a trendy word and spontaneous action those times: the famous “selfie"!

Kawaii & Co is a French website and online shop focused in the happy kawaii universe.

We designed a cute illustration celebrating the 2015 Chinese Lunar New Year also available as a special downloadable desktop wallpaper on their site.

We were approached by the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom, to publish an illustration for a linguistics-themed game on zoonyms (animal names) in foreign languages in the November 2017 issue of Babel: The Language Magazine.

Some critters has told us that they also have

a Society6 store besides their acorns and pinecones trading business.

Visit it to buy shirts, mugs, bags, art prints and more featuring cute and cuddling creatures! No only limited to acorns!

Made with love and acorns

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